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Sly Paintball

Sly Paintball

Sly Paintball Products are on the cutting edge and are of the highest quality and durability for today’s paintball player. Sly has been working diligently to design the latest products using innovative technology, lightweight materials and diamond cut precision. Our aim is to engineer the most well-rounded and performance-enhanced products as possible, for players that are as dedicated to quality as we are.

With a sport that is confused by Internet chat sites and self-proclaimed experts, SLY brings statistical data and quality to a level paintball has never seen. All of our products are tested under extreme conditions and backed with a full manufacturer’s warranty. Our laboratory has all the necessary components to ensure each product is thoroughly tested and guaranteed before it ever leaves our facility. Our unwavering devotion to manufacturing the best products on the market is our mission and promise to all paintball enthusiasts. We stand behind each and every one of our products and can assure you that the paintball community will soon share our passion for excellence.

Eager to expand to all reaches of the paintball market, SLY is dedicated to superior quality without compromising integrity or technique.

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