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G.I. Milsim was established in 2009 by paintball innovators Richmond Italia, Bill and Adam Gardner.

Some truly remarkable designs and engineering have resulted, and the start of a new paintball revolution has begun! Bringing G.I. Milsim's creative ambitions to reality called for a deeply seasoned and imaginative engineering group. Smart Parts' American designers and engineers collaborated with two brilliant designers from Asia and several more from Canada to bring the project to fruition.

After intense developments and testing, G.I. Milsim has delivered an inspiring and remarkable line of .50 caliber products that will bridge the gap between paintball, airsoft and milsim.

Tremendous G.I. Milsim performance, function and convenience will usher in a new era of excitment to the great game of paintball! From purpose-build WoodsBall, Scenario and Milsim products to inspiring Sport and Tournament rigs, G.I. Milsim set the new benchmark of Excellence.

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