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Valken V Tac Scenerio Packs

Valken V Tac paintball harnesses were designed with price, quality, and durability in mind. Choose from a large variety colors and styles to suit your needs. V Tac paintball packs are offered in several configurations and 6 different colors including Black, Marpat, Woodland, Tiger Stripe, V-Cam and ACU. Check out the features of each harness and we are sure you will find a pack that best suits your style of play!

We sell lots of paintball harnesses and we have to say the Valken V-Tac 4+1 and 6+1 Paintball Harnesses are the best for your money. They come standard with an adjustable Velcro belt to fit most players. If you need a larger belt we sell the Valken belt extender in 3 different sizes to accommodate any player’s needs. Finally don’t forget to pick up a set of suspenders. The V-Tac Suspenders easily connect to your harness and provide comfort and stability to the pack. They help distribute the weight evenly across your shoulders so you dont experience any strain on your lower back. We all know the paintball tank, pods and paintballs tend to get heavy after a long day of battle so now you can reduce that stress with some suspenders.

Your choice is made simple....choose Valken V-Tac for your paintball Harness!

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