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Valken paintball has just released a full line of paintball harnesses for every paintball players need. The Valken Fate Paintball harness is a great and low price pack that is great for all beginners to intermediate paintball players on a budget. Although the Valken Fate harness has a low price tag, the pack is great quality and was built to take some heavy abuse on the field.

The Valken Exile paintball harness is also a fairly inexpensive pack. The Exile pack is very similar to the more expensive Crusade pack except for the great graphics and design. The Exile pack is very comfortable and comes in three different sizes so you can carry enough pods for a front, mid or back player.

The top Dog of the Valken Paintball Harness line are the Crusade and Redemption packs. Both of the packs are made out of the best quality materials and are designed to match the corresponding jerseys and pants. These are some of the most durable packs and are very easy to clean. The Pack is designed to be quickly washed in water and be back to its brand new condition.

Last but not least is the full line of tactical harnesses that Valken Manufactures. They offer 4 different camo patterns with a variety of configurations to get the set-up you are looking for.

So no matter if you are tournament player or a scenario player Valken has you covered with a full line of vests, harnesses, and packs that will supply you with all the extra paintball and accessories you need to carry on the field to battle with!

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