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The OLED Luxe - The latest incarnation of the amazing Luxe Paintball Marker.

The latest version of the gun has several updates and tweeks designed to further improve the Luxe paintball gun and the "Luxe Experience".

The new case for the DLX Technologies Luxe is a semi-rigid case, with a fabric shell over a semi-rigid skeleton. The case is divided into several pockets. The first holds the barrel, in two pieces, and one insert. The devider itself has a pocket that is able to hold basic tools, spare battery and a charger. The final pocket holds the gun itself in a form fitting impression of the gun designed to hold it without movement. The quality of this case is evident, when fully loaded nothing inside the case moves, not even a rattle. This means your valuable marker stays in great shape when transporting it off the field.

The OLED screen on the Luxe is the source of its new name. This rearward facing screen and button allow the user to both receive information and make changes to settings without opening the grips. This feature can also be locked so that players cannot make mid-game/tournament changes, keeping the board legal with all sanctioning bodies. The Luxe OLED board continues to have speaker and joystick functionality that made it a legend in paintball technology. However, the player can opt to remove the speaker if they prefer the visual interface over the voice.

The board's updates mean a few things improve naturally. The button placement for the on/off is now lower and harder to accidentily actuate. The light pipes that sometimes could become dislodged when removing the board are no longer present, and that section of the board is occupied by the plug for the OLED screen. The screen itself plugs into the board directly without ribbon or wires insuring a durable connection point. The screen itself is protected by a screen shield that is replacable should it become scratched or worn. The OLED screen is not directly exposed to the elements.

Luxe has had a great policy of not fixing what is not broken. The Eye covers found on the 2.0 are carried over to the OLED meaning that you can still access the eyes without tools quickly and easily. The back cap bolt-removal system is still in place and is one of the fastest quick striping systems on the market. The factory provided venting on/off remains unchanged and is compatable with the "drop rail" that Luxe users have become very fond of.

Batteries, barrels, o-rings, speakers,hardware and all wearable parts from previous versions of the Luxe are still supported. This is good news for players upgrading from a previous version as their spares kit will fit everything on the new Luxe.

Continued progress is the hallmark of DLX Technologies and they can continued that tradition with the LUXE OLED. Punisherspb.com has a DLX technition on staff who can answer any questions you may have regaurding the gun and make sure you order exactly what you want.

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