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DLX Luxe Paintball Guns

DLX Luxe Paintball Guns

Punishers Paintball is one of the original DLX Technologies dealers. The Luxe got its start in the hands of Punishers Paintball, as the number one online retailer of the original Luxe.

Punishers Paintball has every part that makes up the Luxe. We have every nut, bolt, screw, cap, grip and o-ring that makes up the Luxe.

We have a factory certified Luxe tech on staff that can assist you with any questions you have regarding your gun, and help you make sure you have the right parts, or help you pick out the perfect anodizing for your next dream Luxe.

One of the key features of the "Luxe Experience" is the personal nature of purchasing this super high end paintball marker, not just picking one and hitting the order button. But being able to talk to a real person and ask them questions about the Luxe, how it shoots, what accessories you might need, and what cool custom color you might be able to snag as a limited run, or a one of a kind.

Our amazing relationship with DLX has allowed us access to their east coast distribution center, meaning we have the scoop on all the new cool colors coming off the assembly line.

The Luxe paintball gun is the definition of ultra high performance paintball markers, your buying experience should be just as exciting.

Don't just get a Luxe, Live the "Luxe Experience" and give us a call or email, so we can give you the custom sales experience you deserve.

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