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Cyborg 6

Cyborg 6

Now you can shoot like an PRO. Except not really, because it's not the gun that makes the player, it's the work and commitment that the player puts in..... You know what? Let's just pretend this conversation never happened. Buy the NEW MACDEV Cyborg 6 Paintball Gun! Hooray!

The Cyborg platform has always been an outstandingly powerful ram system combined with a high efficiency valve and bolt. The new Cyborg 6 adds two very important new features - a true gas through design (no hoses inside or outside), and a dual digital pressure gauge electronic system. With these two main features along with all the expected mod cons, and a few little extra surprises, the Cyborg 6 is the most advanced paintball marker available today.

Gas through
No hoses to tangle your fingers and cramp your style - the true pro's use the gun in either hand, and change side fluidly. The outside design and ergonomics of the Cyborg 6 allow you to hold the gun in the way which will improve your game. This ergonomics is only enhanced by the rubberised grip regions on the front grip and barrel back.

Dual transducers
A dual regulated marker like the Cyborg 6 allows for great personalisation of the marker tuning through operating and cocking pressures. This has always required expertise and restricted good poppet valve markers to truly advanced users. Now a digital readout of your pressures allows anybody to set or reset their gun to their own personalised pressures, or those suggested by online enthusiasts and techs! Set your gun up just like a real pro tech without any special tools or knowledge, and know you are getting the most out of your gun.


  • Shift2 barrel with two inserts (685 and 693) included
  • Soft bolt tip with high flow design
  • Polished stainless steel pullpin
  • Stainless steel ram and high flow classic RED valve cupseal
  • Integrated dual transducers for display on the included full colour OLED
  • Cable free electrical connection between frame and body
  • True gas through, dual regulated design
  • Adjustable tool-less clamping feed system
  • 4 point trigger adjustment
  • Dual bearing, ultra smooth trigger design
  • Soft touch rebuildable venting ASA system
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