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Introducing the new 2013 GoG eNMEy Paintball gun. Now entry level players can buy a paintball gun to compete with the pros. The eNMEy paint gun is the first pneumatic spool valve mechanical gun to hit the market. We all know spool valve paintball markers are the most accurate and the new eNMEy is just that. Adam Garner and GoG Paintball are extremely excited about the new technology.

In 1995 paintball technology was redefined by the release of the Shocker electro-pneumatic paintgun. In 2005, the Ion re-defined the paintball marketplace by bringing the tournament level performance of an electro-pneumatic paintgun into the price range of the average paintball player. Now, the creative minds behind the Shocker and Ion are changing the face of paintball again with the eNMEy paintball gun. With a purely pneumatic design, the eNMEy is a regulated spool valve marker in the same price range as entry level blowback paintguns.

“There’s no hammer, mainspring or sear in the eNMEy. You’ve got to shoot it to believe it,” says GOG’s Adam Gardner, referring to the smooth performance made possible by the marker’s spool valve design. We test shot the eNMey and all I can say is its hard to believe its not a electronic trigger. The trigger pull feels like its electronic. You be the judge get the new GoG eNMEy paintball maker and you won’t be disappointed!

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