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Gi Sportz Loaders

The GI Sportz LVL, or LEVEL, is currently being used by the Punisherspb factory team. The LVL has been put through the ringer and we can personally vouch for the duribility, and reliablity of this product.  The LVL comes with a rain lid, and speed feed right from factory.  With a robust exterior shell, this loader takes a beating and keeps ticking. We have found zero problems or complaints with the GI Sportz LVL. 

Gi Sportz is a full service paintball company producing soft goods, paint, and teams up with industry leaders to produce custom guns. At world cup 2013 they introduced their first paintball hopper, a radical take on the concept that even integrates a chronograph into the the hopper!

Patent Pending Interactive RDR™Technology - RDR stands for Reactive Dynamic Radar, which describes the chronograph technology used in this legendary paintball hopper.

The Pulse RDR (Radar) unit tracks:

  • Balls per Second - Know your real rate of fire
  • Feet per Second - Know the velocity of your paint - For safety and Accuracy
  • Total Balls - It can show you you exact feed count


  • Force Feed system delivers consistent feed rate and is super easy on the most brittle paint
  • Customizable LED screen is bright and glare resistant, displaying all data, even battery life.
  • Patented Removable Tray and Drive System
  • Incredibly easy maintence, the patented removable tray containing the high speed drive system, batteries, and Revolutionary Radar unit can be ejected from the outer shell allowing ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • The three button interactive electronics allow the player to customize the screen and settings of the motor.
  • Super simple one button reverse can instantly unblock any jams
  • The over-molded outer shell gives the Pulse a Hot Look while providing a bounce factor to extend the life of the player with loader deflections.
  • Interchangeable Duro Paddle System is replaceable and rebuildable extending the life of the hopper indefinitely
  • The Pulse has a capacity of 200 paintballs in its standard configuration with the ability to step up to larger capacity with the purchase of the aftermarket Ring Kit Patent Pending (sold separately).
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