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Paintball Replacement Lenses

Note from Punishers. 

A very common question we are asked is what people can do to prevent fogged lenses.  Here is a little information that will help you understand. 

Single Pane Lenses- These are most common in rental masks, or mthe inexpensive offerings on the market.  The Single pane lens refers to the number of clear layers on the lens.  Fogging is usually an issue with this type of lens. 

Dual Pane Lenses-  These are the industry standard against fogging.  This is the single most important upgrade to any serious paintballers kit.  Dual pane lenses rarely, if ever fog during play.  I have played 15 years of paintball and have never had dual pane lenses fog.  

Punishers Picks as of 2017 - 

Dye I5 - This mask is the top end of the Paintball Goggle market.  The build construction and design is industry leading and innovative with the adjustable rear strap.  They take the standard Dye I4 replacement dual pane lenses. 

Virtue Vio & Ascend - For the price point, the Virtue Vio Ascend is the best mask for the money.  The construction will have you wondering why they are not priced more.  The lenses are all dual pane and you will never have an issue with comfort, or fogging. 

Empire EVS- These have been a great surprise to the Punisherspb factory team.  We use them every weekend and absolutely love them.  They are extremely comfortable, and have the best vision of any Goggle system to date.  They feature a fantastic selection of dual pane lenses and are worth every penny.  Build construction, and design are second to none. 

Vforce Grill and Profiler- Not much else to be said about these tried and true lenses.  These are great options for any paintballer looking for superior comfort and protections.  All these masks feature a great selection of dual pane lenses and replacement straps.  


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