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Valken Annex Paintball Goggles

Annex Paintball Goggles are designed and manufactured by Sly Equipment Company. Sly is know for great paintball products including the one of thier prize possesions, the Sly Profit mask. The Profit has quickly become one fo the top selling goggles on the market.

Sly has taken it a step further with the new Annex Paintball goggles. Now you can purchase a great entry level goggle at an affordable price. Choose from the MI-3 Field goggle, MI-5 mid level thermal coated lens, or the MI-7 & MI-7C Dual Pane Thermal coated lens. There are many color to choose from to match your uniform. So when your looking for a great goggle at a great price choose SLY Annex Paintball Goggles.

The two most popular Annex masks are the MI-5 series and MI-7 series. Both of these Sly Annex masks are identical until you compare the lenses on the mask.

The less expensive of the Sly Annex mask selection is the MI-5 which comes stock with a standard single pane lens. There is only a anti fog coating on the lens and will fog up in certain conditions.

With a small price increase you can get the Sly Annex MI-7 series goggle which includes a thermal lens that is dual paned. This lens is a great upgrade over the single pane lens and will not fog up on the paintball field.

Both single and thermal lenses are available for purchase separately in a variety of colors.

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