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The Grill from V-Force is one of the most popular goggles at all levels and venues of paintball. In the tournament paintball scene the Grill is a top choice for professionals and amateurs alike. In the scenerio paintball world, the great color options and aggressive looks make the Grill a stand out favorite.

One of the reasons for the Vforce Grill's popularity is the combination of light weight, flexibility and comfort afforded by its unibody design. Unlike other top end goggles, Vforce molds the Grill as a single piece, meaning the ears, jaw and lens frame are all a single solid unit. This simple design makes the Grill a very durable performance paintball mask.

 The lens retention system of the Grill goggle is very simple yet incredibly sturdy and safe. The strap actually locks into the lens retaining clips from the inside and insures the lens is solidly planted in the frame. Changing a lens takes less than 2 minutes. The foam of the Grill is attached to a removable frame, which makes replacing and cleaning the foam a breeze. No glue or double sided tape is used when swapping out the foam.

Venting of the Vforce grill is ample, with a large amount in the mouth and nose area. This allows for great communication, as well as easy breathing. The venting high on the nose allows hot air to escape before it reaches your lens.
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