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Empire EVS Paintball Mask/Goggles

Note from Punisherspb.

We use this mask for our sponsored team and continue our knowledge of this system.  So far, everyone has nothing but the best things to say about the EMpire EVS system.  The field of view is fantastic and the replacement lens options leave little to be desired.  

Some our favorite features include the ease of taking the mask apart for cleaning. After a game of play I wash my EVS out with warm water in the sink.  Taking all the componenets apart and thoroughly cleaning the mask is an absolute breeze.  Aside from disassembly, the field of view cannot be beat.  In old school paintball masks you can see the frames of the lenses in your peripheral vision. With the Empire EVS this is no longer a consisderation. THe lenses span so wide aroudn your face you almost forget your in a Paintball mask.  The vision is truly a thing of beauty and once your used to such a large area of vision, its hard to go to a different system  




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