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Dye Goggles

Dye Goggles

Dye I4 paintball goggles are the smallest profile, lightest, and best field of vision available. The Pro i4 is the apex of Dye’s long legacy of goggle engineering. The thermal lens leads the industry in optical clarity and provides a distortion and fog free field of vision regardless of weather. The i4 system also has a variety of lens options to match your lighting conditions.

Dye Precision has always represented top quality, and top of the line fashion. The latest line from Dye is no different with extremely unique color ways meant to set you apart. And since Dye discounts their out going colors you can save big if your cool with last years colors. That is a huge statement of value and style.

The lens on the I4 offers some of the best peripheral views of any paintball mask on the market. Players looking for a full field view will be very happy with the lens on the I4. Dye even offers a high contrast HD lens that turns vision up to 11 for vibrant  colors and high contrast.

The lens system of the I4 is super simple and fast to deal with as well. Simply sliding a set of clips on each temple allow you to swap between lenses. This method is super safe and fast, meaning you can change your lens multiple times through the day and not have to worry about missing out on game play.

The flexible frame and soft ears make the I4 both comfortable and light weight, with a tight overall profile. The goggle fits close to your face yet has plenty of venting for cooling and sound transmission. The acoustics of the I4 are great as well, allowing you to yell at full volume without getting any echo back in your own ears.

New for 2017, Dye has released the I5 and Axis Pro lines.  The Dye I5 has been updated with slightly larger profile to accomodate a larger range of face and head sizes. The I5 also boasts a an adjustable strap that is the most comfortable, and functional strap in the industry.  They used similar technology to snowboard boots, where the knob rotates, and adjusts the size.  Here at Punisherspb, we think the I5 is the highest quality built mask on the market. 

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