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The paintball mask is the most important part of your paintball gear. It is the one item that you are forced wear on the field and can’t remove for any circumstance. Selecting the best mask for you or your child is the most important decision you will make when purchasing your paintball gear.

Paintball Masks come in a range of sizes, shapes, looks and prices. We offer a large selection of both standard goggles and full coverage goggles for the highest amount of protection. When selecting a mask the most important thing is the type of lens your mask has. There are 2 main types of paintball lenses. The first is single pane thermal coated which are found in less expensive goggles and they tend to fog up very easily. The second and best type of lens is a dual pane thermal paintball lens. These lenses are 2 layers pressed together and sealed and they do not fog up. If you are looking for a goggle that does not fog up then this is what you want.

If you are looking for a good quality paintball mask at a reasonable price you will want to check out our selection of goggles over $30. The dual pane thermal goggles will start at this price. As the price increases you will be paying for comfort and design. Soft cell foam is used around the face area for the best comfort. Our less expensive paintball masks tend to have less protection, single lenses and less comfortable foam lining. The foam is one of the most important parts of the paintball mask since it is what makes contact with your face and keeps you comfortable. You want to get a good mask so you are not fogging and your foam stays in good condition over time.

Basically what it comes down to is as the price rises the goggle provides dual pane thermal lenses, soft cell foam and better protection. The high end goggles actually come in a softer rubber exterior to give you an extra edge. The softer the goggle the better chance you have for the paintball to bounce off the goggle thus providing you longer life in the game. Tournament players tend to chose these goggles to gain an advantage on their opponent.

You can always give us a call and we can guide you in the right direction towards the best paintball mask that will suit your style of play. Call us customer service hotline at 724-571-5770 if you have any further questions.

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