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J&J Barrels

J&J Precision paintball barrels offer the most superb straight shooting accuracy of any barrel on the market. With these technologically advanced barrels your paintball gun will become the most lethal gun on the field. J&J Precision uses multiple resources to create these exquisite pieces of art. While the ceramic is being applied to the mold, Teflon is injected into the pores of the aluminum, resulting in the slickest, yet most durable surface in the world of paintball. These paintball barrels are quiet, light, and accurate. You can get your hot little hands on a variety of sizes (12", 14", 16", and 20") and threads for most guns. Choose From 1 peice, 2 peice, or Barrel Kits to suit the needs of your game.

Some people say that the best way to improve your game is to buy the best rated, highest quality and most durable accessories to your paintball gun. Why wouldn't you choose to add these barrels to your arsenal of equipment? These are so light weight that it feels like you don't have a barrel on at all. The lighter your marker, the faster your feet can fly. They allow you to shoot so straight that there will be no denying that you shot your opponent; because they won't be able to wipe the kind of mark that this barrel lets you leave. You will be destroying players with such accuracy and unbelievable speed by the end of the day you will be the MVP.

We want to help you get one of these amazing J&J Precision paintball barrels on your gun. We want to help you get it there fast. Our convenient, online ordering paired with our above and beyond customer service will get you on the field faster. Soon you will be unloading paint on to your opponents with the more accuracy than you ever imagined possible. J&J sets you apart from the average paintball player. Stand out in the crowd and Choose what the PROs play with!

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