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Freak Barrel Kits

The GoG Paintball Freak Barrel system is the #1 selling paintball barrel and boremaster insert system in the world. Formally known as Smart Parts, GoG Paintball has revolutionized the paintball barrel with a system that allows you to have one barrel for all conditions.

The Freak boremaster kit allows you to change the size of the bore of your barrel in seconds by just switching out one of the freak inserts from the back of the barrel. This allows you to achieve the perfect fit for any size.68 caliber paintball you are using. Even though paintballs may be .68 caliber they all slightly vary in size and the freak system allows you to achieve maximum accuracy. A better fitting paintball means more air efficiency, a quieter shot, less ball breakage and most importantly MORE accuracy!

Freak Barrel are available with Aluminum lightweight inserts or Stainless Steel more durable inserts. You can also get a variety of fronts including the straight ported Freak Front or the Spiral ported All-American front. Backs are available in a variety of paintball marker types so you can get one back for each of your paintball guns and you can use the same fronts and inserts for each back. All freak inserts are compatible with the Deadlywind Fibur barrels and the Empire Super freak kits.

Get your freak barrel or freak accessories at Punishers Paintball and be guaranteed the lowest price in the world!

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