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Smart Parts Epiphany FAQs

Smart Parts Epiphany Paintball Marker

Smart Parts Epiphany Paintball Marker Built on the solid foundation of Smart Parts Ion technology, the Epiphany brings new features to the player – features not found in many “high end” markers, let alone those that can come anywhere close to the Epiphany's price tag.

Epiphany features include:

  • Adjustable volume fire chamber for velocity stability at high rates of fire
  • All metal body, feedneck and grip frame construction
  • Super-light, fast-acting bolt
  • Enhanced solenoid valve
  • Super-light magnesium alloy body, grip frame and trigger
  • Conical trigger bearing which eliminates side to side trigger slop
  • Break-Beam Vision anti-chop technology
  • Interchangeable bore barrel – standard
  • Ergonomically designed trigger frame built to be walked
  • Three point trigger adjustment
  • Integrated air rail
  • Rail-mounted on/off ASA
  • High level of Ion compatibility
Why would a player want to change the volume inserts?

At the pressure ranges in which the Epiphany operates, basic set-up differences such as installing a QEV, using an aftermarket bolt, or playing indoors with a 250 fps velocity limit require a change in the fire chamber volume to meet the desired velocity.

Most other guns eliminate side to side movement in the trigger, don't they?

Some competing products appear to, by wedging the trigger when it is forward. Actually when you pull them, they can wiggle from side to side in the middle and back of their stroke. The Epiphany trigger is laterally stable through the full trigger cycle.

What kind of anodizing does the Epiphany body have?

The magnesium alloy of the Epiphany grip frame, body and trigger are not anodized. They are protected by a chrome based plating process that provides superior protection with a high luster finish.

Can the Epiphany be used with a QEV?

Presently, most QEVs will not operate properly in the Epiphany's valve pressure range. Only QEVs warranted by their manufacturer for Epiphany use should be used.

Will aftermarket Ion bolts work with the Epiphany?

Yes. Experimentation may be required to find the best Epiphany volume insert to use with a particular bolt.

What is the operating pressure range of the Epiphany?

Typical operating pressure is about 260 psi, with a maximum of 280. The pressure difference between the Ion and Epiphany allows the Epiphany's reduced volume fire chamber to deliver the same amount of force to the paintball, yet recharge more quickly for better velocity consistency.

Can the Epiphany trigger be installed in an Ion trigger frame?


Can an Epiphany trigger frame and trigger be installed on an Ion?


Are Ion body covers and Epiphany body covers interchangeable?


What is required to upgrade an Ion to Epiphany performance pressure levels?

An Epiphany regulator Spring, Epiphany circuit board and hoses, and an Epiphany fire chamber with inserts.

Can those same Epiphany performance components be used on an SP-8?

Yes, but the Epiphany fire chamber will need to be fitted with an SP-8 Swivel Donut.

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