Stark Pursuit ZetaMag 20rd Magazine (Gen 2) - TiPX/TPX 2PK

Stark Pursuit ZetaMag 20rd Magazine (Gen 2) - TiPX/TPX 2PK Stark-Pursuit-ZetaMag-Mag-Kit-TiPX-TPX-2_1
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The Stark Pursuit Zetamag offers TiPX owners a high quality, high capacity magazine solution for their TiPX sidearm. The overall carrying capacity is 20 rounds of either standard .68 cal paintballs or First Strike Rounds in the form of (2) ten-round stacks. The ZetaMag is designed to feed 10 rounds from one channel and then be rotated vertically to feed a second 10rd stack. Having 20 rounds available nearly triples the capacity of the factory TiPX mag while only extending the length by four inches.

Pack of 2 magazines.
  • Twin-Channel, Extended Paintball Magazine
  • Z-Axis Reversibleā„¢ (Feed from either end)
  • High-Capacity, up to 20 Rounds (10+10)
  • Manual lock/release follower for more control over stack pressure
  • No disassembly required for cleaning
  • Stainless steel springs (Water-safe. No Rusting)
  • Tapered main follower springs for maximum compression/capacity
  • Extended detent design to ensure inverted paint retention
  • Speed Bevels on loading ends for smoother reloading
  • Enhanced ribs for better grip
  • Includes FREE Dust Boot and Loading Rod in each package
  • Ideal for Machine Pistol & SMG aesthetic

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