Smart Parts / GoG Paintball 9 Volt Lithium Ion Battery

Smart Parts / GoG Paintball 9 Volt Lithium Ion Battery  GOG-PAINTBALL-9-VOLT-LITHIUM-ION-BATTERY_1
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The Smart Parts GoG Lithium Ion Rechargeable 9 Volt Battery is the ultimate battery for paintball! This rechargeable Li- Ion packs an amazing 700 mAh, producing over 40,000+ shots on most electronic paintball markers. These batteries do not produce a memory like other rechargeable batteries, providing long-life consistent charges. An investment now saves you loads of headaches, frustration and lost playing time in the future. We dare you too look around and try to find a battery that’s rechargeable with 700 mAh. These are the highest of quality available in any industry….not just paintball!


  • Works in any paintball gun or loader that uses 9 volt batteries.
  • 9.0v, 700mAh.

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