RAP4 Tippmann X7 / A5 / C98 Cyclone Feed Tri Level Tac Cap

RAP4 Tippmann X7 / A5 / C98 Cyclone Feed  Tri Level Tac Cap  RAP4-TIPPMANN-CYCLONE-FEED-TRI-LEVEL-TAC-CAP_1
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The Tippmann Cyclone feed TAC-CAP is designed for use as a low profile alternative to the stock loader. The TAC-CAP is user sizeable, and can be easily cut down into three different heights, which is adjustable to either 32, 44, or 56 rounds. The TAC-CAP has plenty of clearance for optical sighting systems, and is perfect for Tactical Training or Scenario use. You can also add any cyclone feed loader to the top of the TAC-CAP to add even more paintballs.


  • Designed for a low profile for the scenario player
  • Fits Tippmann A5, X7, and all Custom 98 Cyclone feed systems
  • Comes with 3 stages
  • Stage 1 Holds 32 Balls, Stage 2 Holds 44 Balls, Stage 3 Holds 56 balls
  • Allows you to add any cyclone feed hopper on top

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