Proto 2011 Rail Paintball Gun - Blue Dust

Proto 2011 Rail Paintball Gun - Blue Dust PROTO-2011-RAIL-PAINTBALL-GUN-BLUE-DUST_1
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Introducing the 2011 Proto Rail Paintball Gun

Taking over the field, the Proto Rail™ is your stepping stone to greatness. High-end performance in a durable and reliable setup, the Proto Rail™ is for the serious competitor. Featuring Boost™ Forward Technology, giving you a cushioned push on the ball and delayed bolt speed for increased air efficiency and high rate of fire.

All new 3-D milling, color coded seals for simplified maintenance, and a host of other features make the Rail the gun of choice. The durable Rail™ solenoid features consistent airflow, and with a dwell of 40 milliseconds, you get super fast cycle speeds. The small, light Hyper3™ In-Line Air Regulator comes standard. The Hyper3™ regulator provides high flow and smooth velocity adjustment, with non-slip grip rings. The ultimate in ergonomic comfort, the Ultralite™ 45 Frame with fully adjustable trigger, comes standard on the Rail™. The solid construction consists of an aluminum body, bolt, Ultralite™ 45 Frame and trigger. We’ve designed the Rail™ with the goal of providing you with top-level performance at a reasonable price. Comes with a durable zippered gun case, parts kit, Dye Slick Lube, and 9-volt battery to keep your paintball gun of choice at its peak level. The Rail™ is available in Dust Black, Dust Blue, Dust Red, and Dust Olive.

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this is a beast gun
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awsome gun no need for dm, nt 10-11 guns this one is the same value or better , ul frame and tech bolt make AMAZING
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