PMI/RPS Marbalizer - 2000 Rounds

PMI/RPS Marbalizer - 2000 Rounds PMI-MARB-2000_1
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The best paintball on the planet, PERIOD. Marballizer has got it all: dead-on accuracy, unbelievable no-wipe fill colors, incredibly consistent roundness, and an unquestionable, undeniable appearance. When you want the best look no further than Marballizer. Marballizer is recommended for tournament use worldwide. Demand the best - shoot Marballizer.

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From what I Have sampled in paint Marbalizers work the best in my Tippman A-5. The more brittle balls seem to brake easier when they go threw the cyclone feeder.
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seriously this paint is sick. stay away from brass eagle thos... deffinately not a pro gun... a striker isnt even a good gun. its the same as brass eagle's liberator, x-plorer, mongoose, marauder II, etc. same guns different names and paint jobs.
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