NXE 4+1 Paintball Harness - Black w/4 Free Pods

NXE 4+1 Paintball Harness - Black w/4 Free Pods NXE-4-1-PAINTBALL-HARNESS-BLACK_1
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Includes 4 FREE NXe 140 Round Pods ($10 Value FREE)

The NXe 4+1 Pod and Tank Harness was designed with function in mind. The majority of 4+1 harnesses on the market use a PP webbed belt with a simple buckle at the front. While this is fine for a recreational 2 or 3 pod pack, like our SP2 and SP3 series packs, this belt does not make sense for use on a 4+1 pack, which carries the same or more weight than a tournament harness. Our solution? Use a high end elastic belt. The NX-SP41 and NX-SP41CAMO feature a high end body wrap belt, and are constructed of durable polyester.

*Pods and tank are not included.


  • Body Wrap Design Wraps the Body for Maximum Fit and Comfort.
  • Hold 4 Pods.
  • Adjustable Air Tank Holder.
  • Large surface area and simple access provides ease of use during play.
  • Holds 9 to 20 oz. CO2 tanks, as well as 45 to 68 cu compressed air tanks.

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