Empire Marker/Loader RF Transmitter Kit

Empire Marker/Loader RF Transmitter Kit EMPIRE-MARKER-LOADER-RF-KIT_1
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Empire RF (Radio Frequency) Kits
Links Markers to RF capable loaders
Makes specific Loaders RF capable


  • Use Transmitter kit on any electronic marker when using Empire Prophecy or Empire Magna loaders
  • For Prophecy Z2 and Empire BT Rip Clip to be RF capable – (1) Transmitter kit is required for the loader (and may need (1) Transmitter Kit for marker)
  • The Halo B or Empire Reloader B loaders would require: (1) Empire RF Transmitter Kit plus (1) Magna Upgrade Kit to make the loader RF capable (and may need (1) Transmitter Kit for marker).


  • Marker/Loader Circuit Board
  • (3) Marker Wire Harnesses
  • (1) Prophecy Z2 Wire Harness

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