Dye Precision Box Rotor Loader Dye Cam

Dye Precision Box Rotor Loader DYE-2014-ROTORBOX-LOADER_1
Dye Precision Box Rotor Loader DYE-2014-ROTORBOX-LOADER_2
Dye Precision Box Rotor Loader DYE-2014-ROTORBOX-LOADER_3
Dye Precision Box Rotor Loader DYE-2014-ROTORBOX-LOADER_4
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Have you always wanted to be the last guy to reach for a pod in a gun fight? Well, now you can be that guy! The new Box Rotor holds an astounding 325 .68 caliber rounds and allows for ambidextrous loading. Another great benefit is a clear line of sight down your rail allowing you to mount a red dot or scope without your hopper getting in the way.
The Box Rotor mounts on your DAM just as a standard magazine would and comes in 4 colors:
  • Black
  • Olive Drab
  • Dark Earth
  • DyeCam

Finally, the Box Rotor is based on the Dye Rotor loader and it's proven track record of reliability. Where else will you find a hopper with a 325 round capacity and legendary reliability? You can't, so stop looking and pick up your Dye Box Rotor today!

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