BT Heavy Gunner Tactical Scenario Paintball Vest Combo

BT Heavy Gunner Tactical Scenario Paintball Vest Combo BT-HEAVY-GUNNER-TACTICAL-SCENARIO-PAINTBALL-VEST-C_1
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Anchor... Hammer... Fire Suppression. Whatever you like to call it, the players laying down the cover fire are the ones who make victory possible. They keep heads down in the attack and hold the line during defense. More than anything they need to be able to haul a lot of pods securely.

The BT Heavy Gunner Paintball Vest Combo enables those fire suppression specialists to keep up in the attack. A BT Merc Vest, breathable and rugged, lays the foundation for two BT 3+4 Pod Pouches and two BT 2 Pod Pouches, for a total of ten pods (included) in the slots and option for eight more in the external loops. A BT Multi Pouch provides a location for carrying small personal items. Simply open the box, attach the pouches, fill the pods with paintballs and you are ready to be that player saving everyone's butts!

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