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Empire 2012 BT Omega Paintball Gun - Black


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The Empire 2012 BT Battle Tested Omega Tactical Paintball Gun was redesigned this year and it comes with some great new features! The new Omega now accepts the BT-4 Electronic Grip Frame and you can now make your gun full auto in just seconds by installing the upgraded frame that is sold separately. The stock M4 Barrel is Apex Ready and accepts the Apex or Apex2 barrel tip. The 2012 model has a removable carry handle / rail sight. All these new features come on the 2012 model and the cool thing is the price remains the same as the old model.

Now you can upgrade the Battle Tested Omega Marker and make it full auto, Change your carry handle or simply remove it if you prefer to, and you can turn your stock M4 barrel into a apex barrel by simply adding a apex tip.

Feel free to compare other paintball guns in its class like the US army alpha paintball gun or the stock Tippmann 98 and you will see the features and upgrades that come for FREE on the Omega make it stand out from the crowd. The price, features, and free upgrades will make your decision and easy one.

The BT Omega Paintball Gun will take you into battle without breaking the bank! The rugged aluminum body will withstand heavy duty combat situations and provides increased performance and durability. The Omega will require little in terms of regular maintenance. Fully upgradeable, the Omega easily accepts numerous BT upgrades, such as the HALO™ powered Rip Clip™, the BT 1913 Barrel, the BT Clamp Elbow Kit and the Tactical Folding Stock. Carrying your marker out to battle has never been easier thanks to its secure carry handle. The Omega’s permanent, fixed sight rail provides you a continuous lock on your opponents, thereby giving you the confidence needed to take them out of the game. Grab your gear, lock and load and hit the field running with the Omega today!


  • Upgradeable to BT4 Electronic Grip Frame
  • Rugged Aluminum Body
  • Multi-Position Adjustable Stock
  • Removable M4 Barrel with Apex Ready Tip
  • Empire BT Rip Clip® Compatible
  • Accepts CO2 or High Pressure Air Sources
  • Adjustable Velocity
  • Steel Braided Air Hose
  • Removable Carry Handle and Sight Rail
  • Removable Magazine with Tool Storage
  • Built-In Sling Attachments

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by Anonymous on June 16, 2012

Love the gun. very long barrel looks great and shoots great. only downfall is its kinda heavy if your a smaller guy. You can just take the shroud off if it is.

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by Anonymous on December 31, 2011

the gun is more likeable now but the magazine is not removable for tool storage like in the 2011 and older models i still love the gun!!!!

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