Warrior Paintball Tippmann A-5 Collapsible Stock

Warrior Paintball Tippmann A-5 Collapsible Stock WARRIOR-PAINTBALL-TIPPMANN-A-5-COLLAPSIBLE-STOCK_1
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The Warrior Tippmann Stock is compatible with all Tippmann A5 markers. The stock has 6 adjustable positions which are changed with the push of a button. The stock is designed from a durable composite and will stand up to the rigors of even the toughest player. The stock has a built in attachment to clip on your marker sling.

  • Top of the line model adjusts to 6 positions for comfort and accuracy
  • Durable Framework
  • Tabs For Sling
  • Fits Tippmann A-5, BT-4, BT-16, PCS, Paintball Guns

Customer Reviews

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This is an overall great product. I reccomend it for any type of pball and it is certainly a must-have for scenario games. it provides great stability and makes it easy to aim. If you do get this product you should also get a remote cable because the tank and stock can get a little annoying. Overall, this is a must- have for any paintballer.
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