Virtue Halo / Relaoder / Invert Too Loader Board

Virtue Halo / Relaoder / Invert Too Loader Board  VIRTUE-HALO-RELOADER-PAINTBALL-LOADER-BOARD_1
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The Halo Virtue board uses Dual On-Board sensors. This system allows the Halo Virtue board to increase performance and feed rate consistency with the both an accelerometer sensor and eye control sensor.

The performance of the Halo Virtue board maximizes the balance between performance and battery life for more consistent feeding and ball jams without burning up your batteries.

Halo Virtue boards are USB upgradeable which means Virtue will be able to provide free upgrades at no cost to you. Just hook up your board into your CPU and upgrade on the spot with no hassle.

The Halo Virtue board is RF upgradeable. The Multi-sensor logic uses inputs from all sensors with wireless RF performance by simply plugging in two optional RF modules. Upgrade the Engine of your Halo/Reloader with reliable, performance maximizing Virtue technology!


  • Works in all Halo, Empire Reloader, and Invert Halo Too Hoppers
  • Performance Optimized
  • Multi-Sensor Technology(patent pending)
  • Dual On-board Sensors
  • Easily Adjustable
  • USB Upgradeable
  • RF Upgradeable
  • Adjustable Speed Settings
  • Jam Detection / Auto un-jam
  • Battery level Indicator Lifetime Warranty

The all new Virtue Halo Board keeps your Halo running smooth and consistently with adjustable, performance optimized motor logic powered by dual On-Board Sensors (accelerometer & eyes). Plus, Multi-Sensor logic combines the hopper sensors with a wireless RF signal from your gun using upgradeable Virtue RF Modules. Instantly upgrade the software through an on-board programming port and Virtue USB adapter.

Adjustable Settings

  • RF Sync
  • Feed Speed
  • Idle Speed
  • Auto Shutdown Time
  • Eye Mode
  • Un-jam Force
  • Motor Torque
  • Accelerometer Sensitivity
  • Motor Feedback Detection
  • Eye Sensitivity
  • Audio Control

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