Viewloader 200rd. - Clear

Viewloader 200rd. - Clear VL-200-CLR_1
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A premium 200 count feeder loader with spring loaded flip cap that features a two-half body that allows the user to completely disassemble the loader for more thorough cleaning.

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Heres what you do. You take 4 noobs with 98 markers (rentals) and have them use this gravity fed loader, plus take 4 experienced players with high-end markers that are used to laying down 20+bps and have them use this gravity fed loader as well. What you then have is a very comical and yet interesting round of 4 on 4 speedball.
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Gravity hoppers feed at about 8-10 balls per second if you rattle them, unless the clown was pouring them out of the feed port where you fill it!
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