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Vanguard Demon 2013 Paintball Gun - Blue / White


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The 2013 Demon is here! We have created this marker from the ground up with our own unique solenoid and software systems. Our standard features include a full color OLED board, USB charging, Easy Bolt maintenance and superior operation. Giving the feel of a smooth operating system in your hands. Includes Demon Marker Demon Barrel Back (Auto Cocker Thread), .689 x 14 Barrel Front, .685 x 14 Barrel Front, Lube, Vanguard Allen Key Set, Spares Kit, Barrel Sock, Owner’s Manual, Warranty Card, Extra Battery, Leather Case, New Spring Bolt Firing System(2013 Manifold, Bolt, and Can).


  • Body- The Demon was created after years of research and development with a gas through regulator and full Patented Bolt design. The (New) Spring Bolt, firing can, and QEV Less Manifold were specifically designed for high efficiency rates, a smoother shot and lower maintenance.
  • Grip Frame- The grip is machined from a solid plate. CNC Milled on every operation to maintain the accuracy required for the gas through design, no pipes or tubes just intense machining. Each grip takes approximately 2 hours to machine.
  • Hpr RegulatorThe Gas through HPR regulator is designed to be high flow and consistent. Very simple and easy to maintain, with no LPR its is a simple 1 turn adjustment of the HPR to change velocity
  • BatteryUtilises the same power source as the Vanguard Creed, a rechargeable Lithium Polymer Cell which can supply up to 100,000 shots per full charge.
  • ChargingMains charger is included with adaptors for UK, USA and Europe. Each charger plugs into the Marker via the micro USB lead supplied via the back of the Grip frame
  • ManifoldThe manifold is CNC milled for accuracy and is very cleverly ported to carry the air from the grip to the HPR and back to the solenoid. Also features a NO QEV system in the manifold that allows us to use our hi ported low profile Mac solenoid.
  • Drive TrainThe bolt and Drive Train design has our patented forward shut off motion and utilises an o-ring-less bolt sail, giving the Demon a smooth feel and very little kick.
  • OLED BoardOur OLED Board has a full colour display with easy to use and navigate functions, making it quick and easy to change
  • Future ProofAdvanced electronic control system with 32Mbit onboard flash storage for settings and data, with expansion port for future upgrades and USB for future software changes
  • Barrels1 Piece bore design barrel system provides a smooth path for the paintball. Included with the Demon is the Demon Barrel back (Cocker thread), a 14” .689” and
  • Dealers & SupportWe have a warehouse and warranty centre in the USA and UK, and our Dealer and Support network is growing rapidly across the world

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