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Upfront Paintball Vlocity Speed Feed - Blue


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UpFront Paintball Sports Speed Feed V2 is the hottest new item to hit the paintball scene this year. The Speed Feed is an upgrade for all Vlocity loaders that does away with the lid on your loader and replaces it with an new lid that has 4 plastic flexible fingers that only bend inward. This design allows players to dump paint into their loader while preventing the paint from coming back out.

So you may be asking yourself why would I need this upgrade? Well its very simple! Anyone who has played paintball for any length of time knows that every second counts in this fast paced sport. The Speed Feed replaces your lid on your loader so you don’t have to spend your time trying to pry your lid open when you run out of paint.

Just pull out a pod and dump the paint in. This saves valuable seconds that can make a major difference in your game. One second can prevent you from being bunkered while loading and one second may be the difference in a player making a spectacular move down the field. The speed feed has quickly become the most popular loader upgrade on the pro-paintball circuit.

Upfront Paintball Vlocity Speed Feed Features:

  • Fits all VLocity hoppers, Wide Mouth Shells, except Jr.
  • Load paint faster with no time consuming delays or untimely distraction
  • Just remove the existing lid and snap on the Speed Feed
  • Guaranteed to last for the life of your hopper under ordinary use
  • Stays in place with a locking inner ring and orienting tab
  • Flex fingers can be adjusted anytime for optimal performance
  • Available in a variety of colors

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