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Trinty Tippmann Cyclone Feed Offset Hopper Adapter and Lid


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Trinity Paintball Cyclone Feed Offset Adapter will fit any Tippmann Cyclone feed system. Allowing any cyclone specific hopper to be offset from the midline of the gun, improving the field of vision for sighting.

Now you can get added paintball storage as well as better vision. A must have for any Tippmann A5, X7, X7 Phenom, Tippmann 98 Custom or Custom Pro, US Army Alpha or Project Salvo Paintball Gun fitted with a cyclone feed system.


  • Includes a locking Lid
  • 65 Round Capacity
  • Greatly improved sightline
  • No tool installation / snap fit
  • High density Plastic
  • Lightweight construction / one piece design
  • Improved modification ability for top of marker
  • Functional and aesthetically pleasing
  • Multiple Hopper use
  • Fits all cyclone feed hoppers
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