Tippmann X7 Phenom Flex Valve Assembly Complete - TA30105

Tippmann X7 Phenom Flex Valve Assembly Complete - TA30105  TIPPMANN-X7-PHENOM-FLEX-VALVE-ASSEMBLY-TA30105_1
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Tippmann X7 Phenom Flex Valve Assembly Complete. Factory parts number TA30105.

Kit Includes:

  • TA30024 Valve Body
  • TA30018 Spacer Washer
  • TA20077 Damper
  • TA30038 Firing Spool Assembly
  • TA30030 Firing Spool Spring
  • TA30020 Valve Spool Spacer – Complete
  • 02-88 Regulator Pin Spring
  • TA30028 Regulator Pin
  • TA20075 Regulator Pin Sea
  • TA30025 Regulator Seat
  • TA20008 Trigger Pin Oring x 2
  • TA30036 Valve Core
  • TA30037 Trigger Pin Plug
  • TA30039 Trigger Pin
  • TA30026 Regulator Body
  • TA30029 Regulator Piston
  • TA30031 Regulator Spring
  • TA30022 Regulator Adjustment Cap
  • TA30034 Plug x 3
  • TA30033 Plug x 5
  • TA30051
  • TA30040
  • TA30023 Power Tube
  • TA30056 Spiral Retaining Ring x 2

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