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Tippmann Squad Buster Grenades


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The most popular grenade on the market today! Original Tippmann patented design. Non-explosive unit. Just pull the pin and throw. Offers a 30-foot plus marking zone (highly effective within 10-15 ft.) Filled with a light blue, non-toxic, water soluble paint fill.

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by Anonymous on April 11, 2008

these grenades are awsome! my squad leader used one at a scenario and too out like 30-50 ppl. Easy to use, easy to set off, best investment if you don't like shooting people

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by Anonymous on August 4, 2009

good for a match with alot of people

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by Anonymous on June 11, 2009

work great

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by Anonymous on March 2, 2007

Needs pretty hard ground in order to work

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by Anonymous on October 6, 2009

Contrary to popular belief...it will NOT take out 30 to 50 players. The most I've ever seen a single Squadbuster eliminate was 4, and they were all in very close proximity...within 4 meters of each other in a bunker. Still...a grenade is a grenade, and there's tactical scenarios that call for them, and Squadbusters work, provided you throw them hard enough to make sure the cap pops off.

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by Anonymous on May 7, 2006

great for use when in trouble

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