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Tippmann Drop Forward - Black


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The Tippmann Drop Forward ergonomically repositions the tank for ultimate comfort.

Easily to install with direct bolt-on kits and factory-installed 90° elbow.

Available on: Custom Pro™, Model 98™

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by Anonymous on May 30, 2007

to the rating above, i had no idea that you could tighten a screw with an allen wrench. Thank you for telling us this. I must have gone through 200 98 customs because of loose screws but now i know what to do. You are the smartest person i know.

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by Anonymous on December 3, 2006

It makes the gun easier to hold but sometimes it comes loose. You can fix that by turning the screw with the allen wrench.

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by Anonymous on December 10, 2007

nice drop forward. nice balance. little heavy though. the screws wouldnt be there if you couldnt use them

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