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Techt Shocker NXT / SFT Enertia Bolt System


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The Techt Smart Parts enertia bolt system. Finally, a REAL upgrade for the Shocker. Shockers have always had tons of aftermarket upgrades, from new bolt-guides to new firing cans. But, none have solved the ever present problems of FSDO (first shot drop off) and poor efficiency.

Until now...

The TECHT Enertia Bolt utilizes a spring-assisted system which allows the Shocker to achieve better efficiency through lower dwells and operating pressure.

This spring assist also greatly reduces first shot drop off. The idea of the "spring assisted" shocker bolt has been around for a while, but TECHT has taken a great idea and tried to make it better.

The Enertia bolt is honed, micro-polished, and teflon impregnated to make operation as smooth as possible. Our 100% aluminum construction allows for greater durability and a smoother surface than the competition. The combination of superior finishing and "spring-assisted" operation result in much better efficiency and less first shot drop off.

TECHT even went a step further and incorporated our spring spacers. The spacers allow Shocker users to fine tune the amount of force exerted by the spring-assist.

The TECHT Enertia Bolt can be used with ALL NXT and SFT Shockers.

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