TechT Tippmann A5/X7/Phenom Quick Strip Body Pin Set

TechT Tippmann A5/X7/Phenom Quick Strip Body Pin Set TECHT-TIPPMANN-A5-X7-PHENOM-QUICK-STRIP-BODY-PIN-S_1
TechT Tippmann A5/X7/Phenom Quick Strip Body Pin Set TECHT-TIPPMANN-A5-X7-PHENOM-QUICK-STRIP-BODY-PIN-S_2
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This kit adds function and style. The pins allow for easier and faster breakdown of your Tippmann A5, X7, or Phenom. A total of 6 pins are contained in each package (4 Long Pins & 2 Short Pins). The same kit can be used for all of the markers listed.

If you want to have the coolest looking Tippmann in town...these should get you one step closer to your goal. Our pins are made from 303 Stainless Steel. They are then black oxide coated. These pins are made to go in and out of your gun with ease. No more having to use a tool to get them out. A must for any Tippmann Owner looking for yet another great upgrade from TechT.

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