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TechT Dangerous Power G4 and G3 Spec R L7 H.E. Bolt Engine


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Upgrade your Dangerous Power G4 or G3 Spec R with the latest bolt engine from Techt Products. If you want to improve your accuracy and break less paint then the G4 L7 Bolt is your solution

The TECHT G3 Spec-R/ G4 L7 H.E. Bolt Engine totally reconfigures the Stock G3 Spec-R/ G4's method of operation. By replacing the stock style bolt with our proven L7 style bolt head, performance is increased on every level.

The newly redesigned L7 H.E.(High Efficiecy) Bolt produces even lower operating pressures, shorter dwells, better consistency, better efficiency, lower sound signature...the works. The TECHT G3 Spec-R/ G4 comes with a lifetime warranty, as do all TECHT products. It is constructed of high grade aircraft aluminum and goes through our licensed anodizing method to make them both durable and great looking.

The TECHT G3 Spec-R/ G4 L7 H.E. Engine Bolt includes a completely new "tool-less" backcap, now with a drilled and tapped port for the ability to use a micro gauge, as well a jewel decal to use if you opt to not operate with the gauge. Unleash your G3 Spec-R/ G4's full potential with an L7 H.E. Bolt Engine.


  • 100% Aircraft Grade Aluminum Construction
  • Bolt Head Anodized Gold and Teflon Impregnated for a super smooth finish Tool-less back cap included (Gloss Black)
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lower operating pressure
  • Lower dwell settings
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Increased Consistency
  • Much softer sound signature
  • Easy installation

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