Stiffi 1 Piece Metal Free Carbon Fiber Barrel 14 Inch - A5 / X7 / BT

Stiffi 1 Piece Metal Free Carbon Fiber Barrel 14 Inch - A5 / X7 / BT  STIFFI-ONE-PIECE-MF-CARBON-FIBER-BARREL-14-INCH-A5_1
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New Revolutionary Stiffi MF Paintball Barrel

Metal-Free: Carbon fiber composite barrel. STIFFI's ingenuity and advanced technology allowed us to create a unique barrel with no metal anywhere. There's never been anything quite like it. Same high-quality construction that you've come to expect from the makers of the award-winning STIFFI barrel.


  • Made by hand at our factory in the USA
  • Lighter and quieter than any metal barrel
  • The most accurate mid-priced barrel available
  • One piece barrel with a 5" Stepped Bore
  • Available in Black
  • One year warranty

Fits all Tippmann A5, X7, and BT4 Paintball Guns

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