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Smart Parts Shocker / Nerve Blackheart Upgrade Board


List Price $124.95
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The Smart Parts Blackheart circuit board is a full-featured tournament level, upgrade board. It gives you complete operational control and a wider range of adjustment for ION, Impulse, Shocker or Nerve markers.

  1. Fire Rate (Adjustable)
  2. Trigger Debounce (Adjustable)
  3. Kick-In Rate for Advanced Modes (Adjustable)
  4. Sustain Rate for Advanced Modes (Adjustable)
  5. Shots Fired to Enter Advanced Mode (Adjustable)
  6. First Shot Drop Software (Adjustable)
  7. PSP Legal Mode (Adjustable)
  8. NXL Legal Mode (Adjustable)
  9. Millennium Legal Mode (Adjustable)
  10. Three Shot Burst
  11. Low Battery Indicator
  12. More User-Friendly Software
Additional features:
  1. New Speaker for Easier Adjustments and On/Off Activation
  2. Non-Battery Draining Design
  3. Nickel Plated Solenoid Components
  4. New Higher Max Rate of Fire Software (20 shots/sec)

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by Anonymous on May 9, 2006

just got my new blackheart because the tech working on my old stock board accidently broke my board. In return he gave me a really good deal on a black heart. THEY ARE AMAZING

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by Anonymous on May 4, 2006

love this board

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by Anonymous on May 4, 2006

great board

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by Anonymous on April 26, 2006

Love this board. It is not THE BEST, but it is worth the money and it does the job for almost all if not all tourneys.

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