Smart Parts Quick Snap Grip Screw

Smart Parts Quick Snap Grip Screw  SMART-PARTS-QUICK-SNAP-GRIP-SCREW_1
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The Smart Parts Quick Snap Grip Screw is great for the player who is in a hurry. Changing the battery and programming the board can now be done without the use of tools. The Screws are designed with a Large round head that allows you to snap your grip on and off in seconds without any tools. The perfect screw for any tournament player or field owner who needs to get inside the grip frame quickly. These fit all Smart Parts Guns, DLX Luxe Guns and many other brands of guns.


  • Fits All Smart Parts Guns Vibe, Impulse, Shocker, Nerve, Ion, Ion XE, SP-1, SP-8, DLX Luxe, and any other gun that has the same grip screw threads.
  • Easily Installs in seconds
  • No Tools Required to Remove Grip
  • Perfect for Board Programming, Battery Changing, or Battery Charging
  • Great for Field Owners
  • Part# SCRN0632X0188ZS01

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Make sure you order 2! Description doesn't specify. Some places it say "screw" others "screws". I took the chance and only ordered one. Now I have to wait another wee for the second one to arrive, and have to pay another shipping and handling fee
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Make sure you order 2... it doesn't really say, and in the description some placessay "screw" and others "screws". I took a chance and only ordered one, now I gotta wait another week, and pay an additional shipping fee
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