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Smart Parts Pre-Set On/Off Dovetail Bottomline (discontinued)- Silver


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The Smart Parts Dovetail has a milled in dove-tail for easy mounting and a on/off switch that allows you to shut off your air source. It fits all makes of cradles that have a clamping design. The Smart Parts Dovetail can be used with dropforwards like the Pmi flame, 32 degrees flame & KAPP Dove Tail dropforward, as well as drop forwards made by WDP, ShockTech, System X, and many others that have a slide design on the bottom of the drop forward.

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by Anonymous on March 20, 2008

Great asa when paired up with an s rail.The only thing is you have to be cautious when putting in your tank cus the threads are not great.I put it on my ion its awesome!!

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by Anonymous on November 4, 2006

fits nice, but the only thing i dont like is that the tank is really hard to get off of it.

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