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Smart Parts Pre-Set On/Off Dovetail Bottomline(discontinued) - Dust Blue


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The Smart Parts Dovetail has a milled in dove-tail for easy mounting and a on/off switch that allows you to shut off your air source. It fits all makes of cradles that have a clamping design. The Smart Parts Dovetail can be used with dropforwards like the Pmi flame, 32 degrees flame & KAPP Dove Tail dropforward, as well as drop forwards made by WDP, ShockTech, System X, and many others that have a slide design on the bottom of the drop forward.

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by Anonymous on December 17, 2007

I bought one in combination with the SP drop off for my Ion, I think its design is to big, it looks chunky, it doesnt purge air so your tank will still be under pressure and taking it off still is a pain (for you and the thread). Doesnt do what I expect from an on/off. Remember to buy a straight microline fitting as well, you will need it. The knob moves very easy and it takes the pressure off your gun without removing the bottle.

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by Anonymous on April 18, 2008

I will admit that the knob on the Smart Parts ASA is very, very, VERY easy to turn (approximately 1/4 turn). However, it DOES NOT PURGE!!!! My 45/45 crossfire's o-rings pretty much died after only 2 weeks of use because of the lack of a purge system in this ASA. It's good turning the air system on or off, but not good in that it does NOT PURGE!!

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by Tino on June 6, 2007

Easy operating, turns 1/4 of full turn from ON to OFF, there is extra safety pin and plastic cap inside package. for instalation on ION except rail youll need also straight macroline fitting.

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by Anonymous on February 22, 2007

This asa is sweet...so easy to use and looks good too. I paired this up with a shocktech micro drop and i love my bottom line setup now! Highly recommend

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by Anonymous on April 27, 2006

I have to say the is the easiest on/off i've tried and I've tried alot. So simple to turn air on and off. Makes life easy when going on/off the field powering up gun. The turn is about a half turn and it's open and easy to turn inlike others that are a bastard to get open/closed under pressure. Get this one and be done with it

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