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Smart Parts Ion / Epiphany On/Off Push Button


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Have you ever tried to turn on your Smart Parts Ion and you really couldn't feel if its on or off? Well most people have and you can now solve that problem with a $5 upgrade. Smart Parts has now released a push button on/off that replaces the sticker on/off on any Ion paintball gun. This is the same button used in the Epiphany paintball gun. The clear button gives you a real feel push button on your frame so you don't have to guess if your guns on. The button is a clear plastic material which allows you to see the LED light on the board. Installation is simple and we will be glad to assist you over the phone with the process. (Part# EPY208)

On/Off button Features:

  • Replaces on/off sticker on Ion Frames
  • Clear button so you can view LED light
  • Easy Installation
  • Part# EPY208

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by Anonymous on March 4, 2007

have it on my ion now works great

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by Anonymous on March 7, 2007

Took me two minutes to install (90% of which was dissasembly). Best $5 I ever spent on my ION.

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by Anonymous on October 16, 2008

Easy install, and works great! Way easier to turn the marker on and off with full finger gloves on!

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by Keith on June 9, 2008

It is easy to turn on, but the first time I used my Epiphany it fell off. I disagree with the Virtue Ez on button comment. I bought an EZ on to replace it and it's worth the extra money to spend on the EZ botton in comparison to this.

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by Dave on March 28, 2008

Not happy with it, It really doesn't have a positive feel at all, in fact it has the same stiff feel as the stock on/off gel. Granted it requires less pressure to activate it, but I'm also having problems with it sticking on. If you don't like the stock button, get the Virtue On/Off. This one is no better than stock.

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by Anonymous on October 14, 2007

takes a bit to get broken in but once it is you get what u expected

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by Anonymous on March 21, 2007

sweeeeeet button. Like a virtue EZ on but half price

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