Smart Parts Freak Paintball Barrel System - Freak Back with All American Front / Red

Smart Parts Freak Paintball Barrel System - Freak Back with All American Front / Red SMART-PARTS-FREAK-BACK-AA-FRONT-RED_1
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  • 3-piece barrel
  • Back available in stainless steel or black anodized aluminum.
  • Interchangeable fronts allow you to use it on different markers with different lengths.
  • Eight bore inserts are available in stainless or aluminum.
  • Spiral ported "All-American"
  • Stiff arbor honed
  • Ceramic+teflon coated

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i switched from a dye ultralite to this it was more acurate and way brtter lookin to.
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ive beeen playing 5 years and this barrel is awesome i switched from a dye excel it is complety diffrent. now i can switch the boars to the exsact size of the ball and BAMM you have the most acurate lightest and coolest looking barrel (cus we all know the 50% of ur skills come from how you look) its the best barrel u can get in my eyes i deffenetly recomend it to anyone who likes to be acurate and looking good while playing. but i recomend that if u are not planing on buying any boar kits soon then get the .687 or .689 there the closest to the middel sizes. all and all this is worth the money if i could i would give it 6 stars maybe more...
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