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Smart Parts Freak Insert - .684


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Will the paint fit?
Never ask that question again with the Freak. Instead, ask which insert you should use. Paint varies. So Smart Parts made a system that adapted to the paintball, not the other way around.

What size do you need?

  • Small Paintball: Try the .679 insert
  • Medium Paintball: Try the .689
  • Large Paintball or paint left in the sun all day: Try the .695

Freak inserts are subjected to the same rigorous honing and hardcoat anodizing as all Smart Parts barrels. They are held to strict tolerances to make sure your .684 is just that, not smaller or larger.

Freak Insert .684 - only.

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by Anonymous on April 16, 2009

too small. not necessary just get an all american or a cp barrel or anything for that matter that has a .692-.694 bore. paint is ".68 caliber," but most balls are actually about .689. overbore, and you are done. the freak system is a waste there is no need to have inserts. trying to match your paint to the bore throughout the day is a hassel, just overbore. get the all-american it comes with a .693 back. trust me that is NOT too big. people may try to tell you that the freak shoots smoother. it does NOT. accuracy depends on how smooth the barrel is, if the balls are round or have dimples, if the balls get wet or dirty, and if there is any dirt/oil/grease/water inside the barrel. almost every barrel is glass smooth, take care of them, and at the end of the day they all shoot the same.

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