Smart Parts Dow Corning Sleek Silicone Lubricant

Smart Parts Dow Corning Sleek Silicone Lubricant SMART-PARTS-SLEEK-LUBE_1
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Sleek was developed by Dow Corning, the world's leading manufacturer of silicone-based products. You won't find a better lubricant than Sleek. Use it on your marker's bolt to maximize performance. It also works great on o-rings or any parts that require lubricant. (Always consult your owner's manual.)

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ive been using it on my smart parts guns and it has been great for me so far, ten bucks is a little bit more expensive but if you want to have your gun completely protected SLEEK is the way to go, o rings bolt this stuff is great
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Great lube and amazing value for the price. I use it on my DM9 bolt and this bottle will last me a very very long time. This lube is a bit thinner than Dye's lube, which is good in allowing the marker to cycle with lower HPR and LPR outputs. Since it is thinner, make sure to apply enough (but not too much) and then clean and relube frequently
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