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ShockTech Impulse/Shocker/Nerve Clamping Feedneck - Silver


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A lot lower than stock. The big difference is you can tighten it with an allen wrench OR your fingers! A simple twist of the knob and your litterally choking the life out of your loader.

Don't be the guy making a mad run thru a hail incoming, then be called out because you left your loader 1/2 way back to your starting spot!

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by Anonymous on July 31, 2007

Okay but i like smart parts better cause it's easier to use.

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by Anonymous on December 25, 2006

I sense some animosity from Mark. But he's right. It's a Wicked Feedneck. Clamps like a snapping turtle and sits wicked low. Get rid of the stock feedneck that hates hoppers.

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by Mark on October 31, 2006

This is the BEST feedneck I have ever used!! ST is one of VERY few companies that don't lie to there customers about how reliable and worth the money there products are. ~Mark

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